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Vinyl Replacement Windows

Improved Energy Efficiency

One of the most popular choices for window replacement is vinyl replacement windows.  They are affordable and come in many colors and styles, plus they offer excellent energy efficiency.  Victory Home Remodeling offers quality ENERGY STAR-rated vinyl replacement windows.  

For most homeowners, energy efficiency is the most important aspect when it comes to window replacement.  It is estimated that 30% of your home’s energy loss goes through your windows. New vinyl replacement windows can significantly reduce your energy loss while also protecting your carpet and furnishings from fading.  We work with premium vinyl windows so that you never have to worry about the quality of the materials you are using. Our 5-Star installers are experienced and knowledgeable about window replacements which have helped Victory become a leading window replacement company.

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New Windows Are a Perfect Upgrade for Your Home

Beautiful windows can increase the value of your home. The curb appeal is enhanced by new windows, and the fact that they are new and energy-saving in design can add value to your home. Victory Home Remodeling provides a wide selection of energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows by leading manufacturers.  Your new windows are custom-made to fit perfectly in your window openings. For some homeowners choosing different styles in coordinating styles is the best way to get the most light and enhanced ventilation.

New Windows

Why Choose Vinyl Replacement Windows

If you find that your windows are looking worn and do not open and close easily, it is time to replace your windows. Older windows can lead to a loss of protection for your home from rain and other weather conditions. Single-pane windows can also cause your home to have higher utility bills than necessary. With many replacement window material options, vinyl continues to be the most popular. It offers many benefits such as:

  • Virtually maintenance-free – Vinyl windows never need to be scraped or pained and can be easily cleaned. It is made up of PVC, vinyl windows are durable and won’t rust or corrode.
  • Cost-effective – Vinyl is the least expensive window material, and the pricing of vinyl replacement windows is much less than other options while still providing savings on utility costs.
  • Custom Options – Vinyl windows come in many sizes and colors to match the interior and exterior of your home.

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Replacement Windows for Any Style Home

We have become the leading window replacement company in the area because we offer a full line of high-quality vinyl windows that can be used in a traditional, contemporary home or a turn-of-the-century home. Our expert window technicians will help you find the perfect windows for your home, and the job will be done right the first time. We offer many different window styles, including double-hung, single-hung, casement, sliding, bay, and many other styles.

Single Hung Windows

Single-Hung Windows

The only difference between single-hung and double-hung windows is that only one of the windows has a sash for opening. Most people select the bottom window to open, but you can choose only the top.

Bay Windows

Bay Windows

Bay windows protrude from the house on the exterior and create a little “nook” area in the interior. They are a unique architectural feature that consists of three panes of glass for exceptional views.

New Double Hung Windows

Double-Hung Windows

Double-Hung windows have a vertical release so that you can clean them with ease. These are windows built with two panes that have sashes that move both windows up and down.

Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are hung horizontally like casement windows. However, only one pane opens in a left-to-right motion and moves over the other pane while opening, much like sliding glass doors.

New Casement Window

Casement Windows

Casement windows can open up and down or side to side. They consist of two panes of glass that are hung adjacent to each other and usually open by turning a handle or crank. They are very secure.

Various Styled Windows

Other Window Types

Other types of windows you may want to consider are bow windows. Victory Home remodeling can also provide custom-made windows that are designed especially for your home.

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Choose Victory Home Remodeling as Your Window Replacement Company

At Victory Home Remodeling, we understand the challenge of choosing the best vinyl replacement windows for your home.  Victory Home remodeling guarantees your satisfaction when it comes to window replacements. Our top priority is complete customer satisfaction from start to finish with every home improvement project we take on. All of our work comes with a lifetime 100 percent guarantee for materials and workmanship. Discover why New Jersey homeowners choose to live with Victory. If you are ready to replace the windows in your home or have any questions about window replacement, give us a call 1-908-290-5585 today, or contact us online for a free estimate.

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