The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows

When it comes time to replace a home’s windows, the EPA recommends upgrading to energy-efficient windows. The benefits of energy-efficient windows are many and include lowering energy bills by a nationwide average of 12%.

What Is an Energy-Efficient Window?

An energy-efficient window is a window designed to optimize thermal efficiency. A key benefit of energy-efficient windows is that they make the building envelope more efficient. The issue for consumers is that any brand can refer to its windows as energy efficient. But how do you know? The EPA has established standards, and products that meet those standards through testing receive ENERGY STAR certification.

Reduced Heating and Cooling Costs

What does it mean to make a building envelope more efficient? An efficient building envelope is less prone to energy loss through its windows, doors, siding, roof, and so forth. In other words, a home with energy-efficient windows is cheaper to heat and cool. It also means that you’ll use less electricity and/or gas and thus reduce the carbon footprint of your household or business.

Enhanced Home Comfort

The benefits of energy-efficient windows also include increased quality of life. Windows are a top culprit when it comes to losing heating and air conditioning. Better windows allow for a more stable temperature and also make the home less susceptible to high humidity levels in summer. Energy-efficient windows tend to be thicker and thus provide superior noise insulation as well.

Protect Your Home Interior

Another point to consider when discussing the benefits of energy-efficient windows is the fact that wood floors, wood furniture, drapes, artwork, and so on can all fade or become discolored due to sunlight through a window. ENERGY STAR-certified windows have coatings that not only block heat but the UV rays that cause that damage. These coatings do this without noticeably reducing visible light.

Are Energy-Efficient Windows Worth It?

If your current windows are no longer energy efficient due to their age and wear, energy-efficient windows will generally pay for themselves over the life of the product. This is particularly true when you opt for vinyl windows. They’re the most affordable option and the type where there is the smallest price disparity between the standard and energy-efficient options. You should also look into whether you’re eligible for incentives either from the federal government or your local utility companies as that can help you to recoup the additional investment sooner.

Victory Installs Energy-Efficient Windows in New Jersey

If you own a home in New Jersey and are considering energy-efficient windows, Victory Home Remodeling can help. We install the best ENERGY STAR-certified windows from the top brands. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation or with any additional questions about the benefits of energy-efficient windows.

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