How Do I Get a Roof Replacement Estimate?

Choosing a Trusted Roof Replacement Company

Victory Home Remodeling is among the premier roofing contractors in New Jersey, and our company has extensive experience providing prospective customers with upfront and accurate estimates. While roofers and experienced homeowners often take it for granted, something we’ve learned over the years is that many first-time homeowners don’t know how to go about it and find the process daunting. With that in mind, let’s answer the common question that is “how do I get a roof replacement estimate?”

What Is a Roofing Estimate?

A roofing estimate or quote is a written proposal for a roofing project, which is roof replacement in this case. Estimate format can vary from one company to the next, but you should generally expect a formal, computer-generated document that includes the contractor information along with all labor and materials in an itemized manner with pricing. Be wary of contractors who just want to quote you a price with no other information.

How to Choose Companies and Request Estimates

When helping homeowners understand "how do I get a roof replacement estimate?", we stress the importance of not requesting a quote from just any contractor. Instead, take some time to make a short list of companies that you’d actually want to hire. That includes roofing companies that are established in and local to your area and which have a track record of delivering high-quality work. Victory Home Remodeling is among the top-rated roofing contractors in New Jersey.

Once you have that list, call each company or contact them through their websites and request an estimate. Tell them that your home needs to be reroofed and, if you know, the current roofing material and the roofing style you want. The typical estimate will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour so be sure not to schedule more than one estimate within the same time frame.

Roof Estimate

How to Compare Roofing Estimates

Once you know the answer to "how do I get a roof replacement estimate?" and now have several or more quotes in hand, it’s time to compare them and make a decision. The reason three or more quotes is an industry recommendation is to provide you with a clear picture of what is fair. Outliers are cause for concern. Be particularly wary of low bids. While they may seem attractive now, they will usually result in problems later, including a higher price than expected or even incomplete or substandard work.

Don’t compare just the overall number but also the itemized amounts for materials, labor, transportation, roof upgrades, and so forth. Be mindful that your choice of roofing material is going to affect the price but that some contractors will have better buying power and be able to offer you a lower rate. Countless homeowners have continued to trust the experts at Victory because of our honest and fair pricing, while utilizing the best materials on the market.

Questions to Ask

One of the challenges homeowners often face is that there are many similar terms used in the industry, such as roofing estimate, quote, and proposal, and no clear consensus on the meaning. Therefore, the first thing we recommend all homeowners do when requesting an estimate is to ask exactly what the process entails. You should specifically request an estimate that involves an inspection and will therefore be more precise.

Be mindful that roofing estimates are just estimates and not final. Typically, the final price will be within 5% of the price quoted initially. Ask the companies you’re considering how close they get to their estimates on average and how often they have to submit change orders. Change orders are provided to the customer during the job in order to increase the estimate, and you should know what the provisions are for those change orders upfront.

Request an Estimate Today

If you own a home in New Jersey that needs its roof replaced, Victory would welcome the opportunity to inspect your roof and provide you with a roof replacement quote. You can schedule an appointment online or by phone, and we encourage you to reach out to us with any additional questions about "how do I get a roof replacement estimate?".

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