Do contractors have to be licensed in NJ?

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Victory Home Remodeling is among the leading home improvement companies in New Jersey, and we often meet homeowners who are hiring a contractor for the first time and have a lot of uncertainties about it. One of the most common questions is “do contractors have to be licensed in NJ?”.

Contractor Licensing in New Jersey

The answer to the question “do contractors have to be licensed in NJ?”, is yes. All home improvement companies must be registered with and licensed by the state, and even an independent contractor who wants to sell their skills directly to homeowners needs to be licensed. In order to be licensed, the contractor must pay a licensing fee, provide an ownership disclosure agreement, and show proof of minimum insurance.

Do Licenses Need to Be Renewed?

Another common question related to “do contractors have to be licensed in NJ?” is whether those licenses are permanent, and the answer there is no. Contractors must renew their licenses every two years, and that requires repaying the licensing fee and once again showing proof of insurance.

Can You Ask to See the License?

Yes, you can, and it’s recommended that you ask to see proof of licensing and insurance when taking bids from contractors. However, you should also know that New Jersey has laws requiring contractors to show their license information on their business vehicles and on certain official documents, such as estimates and contracts.

What About Licenses From Other States?

A common follow-up question to “do contractors have to be licensed in NJ?” is what about contractors from other states. New Jersey does not have a reciprocity agreement for contractor licenses with any other state, including its neighbors. That means that if contractors want to bid on your home improvement project, they need to be licensed in New Jersey.

What About Handyman Licenses?

While some states do offer handyman licenses, New Jersey does not. The concept doesn’t exist in state law. That means that a handyman needs to be licensed just as every other contractor must.

Victory Is a Licensed Contractor

Victory is a fully licensed and insured contractor who is well established in the State of New Jersey, and we can provide whatever home improvement services you may need. Call us today at  or contact us online to learn more, or with any additional questions about "do contractors have to be licensed in NJ?".

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