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Lifetime Warranty On All Services


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Lifetime Warranty On All Services


Reliable Roofing Companies in Hillside, NJ

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A roof replacement is one of the most significant improvements you can make for your home. That’s why so many satisfied customers turn to Victory Home Remodeling, as we’re one of the best roofing companies in Hillside, NJ, and adjacent communities. We are committed to our customer-centric approach, which is why we work hard not only to provide the best roofing materials for your needs and budget but also to finish your roof replacement with minimal disruption to your day to day life.

Building relationships with customers is vital for the entire Victory staff. We treat every home we work on like it is one of our own. You’ll end up loving your new roof and the service you receive from us. With Victory, it’s one and done as we back all of our materials and work with a lifetime guarantee.

Reliable Roofing Companies

The Victory Difference

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Lifetime Warranty

We warranty everything we do for a lifetime, no exceptions. We stand behind our services and installers.

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All jobs are completed with no money down so the experience is stress free for our homeowners.

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We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality materials matched with a 5 star experience.

Lasting Protection That Looks Great

Your roof does more for you than any other part of your home. A beautiful roof is an investment in your residence as it boosts its curb appeal. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the selection of high-quality roofing materials they need to match their home’s architecture. We will properly install your new roof so that your home will be protected for years to come. Unlike other roofing companies in Hillside, NJ, we offer everything you need and nothing you don’t. We don’t push cheap products that wear out quickly just to make a higher profit or try to sell you roof replacement materials that you don’t need because we run our business with integrity.

Roofing Company Replacement Services

Reasons for a Roof Replacement

Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements, as it protects your family and all of the features inside your home. Asphalt shingle roofs, in particular, will give homeowners’ various signs that it may be time to be replaced. Shingles that are curled, broken, missing, or have lost many of their granules are signs of a deteriorating roof. Victory’s expert roofers will look for the following problems and give you an honest assessment and free estimate.

Roofing Service

15+ Year Old Roof

Although an asphalt shingle roof can last 25 years and beyond, consider a roof replacement before it’s too late. Roofs 15 years and older are more prone to damage from storms, curled shingles, and similar problems.

Missing Shingles

Missing Shingles

Missing shingles are dangerous because they expose the underlayment to excessive moisture and pest infestations. If your roof has multiple missing shingles, the entire roof could be compromised.

Storm Damage

After severe storms, you’ll see storm chasers claiming your roof needs to be replaced with their inferior materials. Instead, trust our experienced roofers to thoroughly evaluate its condition and provide recommendations.

Storm or Hail Damage

Attic Moisture

A sound roof involves much more than its exterior covering. Excessive moisture in the attic can compromise the structure from within, leading to rot, mold, and other problems that will compromise its integrity and necessitate replacement.

Attic Moisture Under Roof

Types of Roofing We Install

If you’re seeking roofing companies in Hillside, NJ specializing in asphalt roofs, you’ve come to the right place. We know asphalt roofs inside and out because that’s all we do. Asphalt roofs give you great value for the money. With proper installation from our experienced local home improvement contractors, your roof will last for decades. Plus, Victory Home Remodeling gives you a 100% lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship.

Asphalt Architectural Shingles

Asphalt Architectural Shingles

Give your home a dramatic and impressive look with asphalt architectural shingles. These high-quality roofing products are made from a combination of a heavy fiberglass base and ceramic-coated mineral granules embedded in water-resistant asphalt. They’re available in many different styles, including those that mimic the look of cedar shakes or slate, giving your home a distinctive look.

Rolled Asphalt Roofing

Rolled Asphalt Roofing

If you’re on a tight budget, rolled asphalt roofing is an inexpensive yet high-quality material that will give your home the protection it needs. Rolled asphalt roofing is suitable for covering low-slope roofs. It’s also an excellent product for protecting garages or storage sheds. Combine rolled roofing with architectural shingles in other areas, or use it on its own.

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Affordable Roofing Done Right

Not all affordable roofing companies are the same. Your roof is one area of your home where you should never cut corners. Victory’s knowledgeable home improvement team will work with you to find financing options so you can get the best possible roof for your home and your budget. Don’t put off getting a new roof because you think that you can’t afford one. You’ll be able to install a new roof with no money down when you choose one of our financing deals. Don’t run the risk of working with a budget company that uses inferior materials!

See Why Victory Stands Out Over Other Roofing Companies in Hillside, NJ

Victory Home Remodeling’s five-star service and our commitment to helping find what is suitable for you and your home are prime reasons why so many happy customers in Hillside, NJ prefer us over other roofing companies. Get started today on your roofing project by calling us at 1-908-290-5585 or filling out our convenient contact form to get your no-obligation, free roof replacement quote.