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Victory Home Remodeling is a premier roofing company that will help you protect your home. Your roof is designed to shield your home from the elements, and when in good condition, it provides a protective barrier against sunlight, wind, rain, snow, hail, and debris. Wear and tear is inevitable, and over time, it will succumb to it. A roof that is old or in rough shape may be prone to leaks, mold, pest infestations, and other serious issues, and small issues unattended will soon develop into substantial problems.

Your roof is also integral to energy efficiency, property value, and curb appeal, which is why it’s so crucial to choose a roofing installation company in , that you can trust and rely on. That company is Victory. We are professional roofers who are skilled and experienced. We hold ourselves to the highest standards at all times, and that extends beyond craftsmanship to our professionalism and the customer service and care we deliver. Let us install your new roof with precision and provide you the peace of mind that you got great value for your dollar and that your home will be protected for decades to come.

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You need a roofing installation company with the talent and experience to replace your roof the right way no matter the scope of the project, the complexity of the job, or the uniqueness of your home. Our methods are proven and refined. Our roofers have earned GAF Certified Master Elite® certification. We never require money down for a roof replacement. Victory provides a 100% lifetime warranty on all labor and materials, and we’ll never accept anything less than your complete satisfaction.

Is it Time to Find a Roofing Company in , ?

Typically, your roof will give you signs of distress before serious problems like leaks occur. At Victory, we advise our customers to watch for those indications and be proactive about them. Even if you notice something minor, such as a single torn or missing shingle, call us to perform an inspection. That decision you make today may end up saving you significant money in the months and years ahead.

Service Area - Aged Roof Repair

Roof is 15+ Years or Older

Victory advises being proactive about roof replacement as well. Asphalt shingle roofs can last 20 years or more, but trying to wring those last years out of them often isn’t worth it in the end. Older roofs are much more prone to serious damage, and a preemptive replacement will save you more over time.

Service Area - Missing Shingle Repair

Missing Roof Shingles

Even a single missing shingle is a serious issue since it exposes the underlayment to water penetration. Just one shingle can lead to substantial damage because once the water penetrates, it can permeate and cause structural damage well beyond the area covered by just one shingle.

Service Area - Storm Damage Repair

Hail or Storm Damage

If you experience hail or other severe weather, be wary of storm chasers seeking to cash in on insurance claims. These traveling operations often use inferior materials and deliver subpar workmanship. Let Victory inspect your roof, and we’ll provide you with a professional assessment you can trust.

Service Area - Moisture Issue Repair

Attic Moisture, Mold & Leaks

The protection your roof provides extends far beyond the outer shell. Even small amounts of moisture that penetrate it can lead to mildew and eventually mold, rot, and other serious issues. If you notice any potential signs of moisture penetration, it is imperative to schedule a professional inspection.

Types of Roofing We Install

If you’re seeking a roofing company in , , look no further than Victory. Our skilled crews have extensive experience in this region installing architectural shingles and rolled asphalt. Every job we do is done right the first time around, and we stand behind our work.

Asphalt Architectural Shingles

Asphalt Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles are a high-quality asphalt shingle made from a heavy fiberglass base and coated in water-resistant asphalt. These enhance curb appeal far beyond traditional three-tab asphalt shingles and are available in many different colors and styles, including textures that mimic cedar and slate.

Rolled Asphalt Roofing

Rolled Asphalt Roofing

Rolled asphalt roofing is similar to traditional asphalt shingles but manufactured in a roll. It’s often a cost-effective option for low-sloped roofs in addition to sheds and garages. You can use rolled asphalt to roof an entire home, but it’s often used in combination with architectural shingles. It can also be an excellent option for asphalt roof repairs.

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Our roofing company knows firsthand that many major roofing issues are preventable, and we can’t stress enough how important it is to be proactive about inspections, repairs, and replacement. We believe strongly in the old industry adage that it’s better to replace your roof six months early than one day late. Homeowners who procrastinate often consider the money they might save and not the damages they may incur.

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Homeowners in , continue to choose Victory Home Remodeling as their roofing installation company because we deliver impeccable craftsmanship at completive prices and guarantee our work. You too can choose us knowing that we’ll do right for you and your home. Contact us through our convenient online form on our website, or call us today at 1-908-290-5585 to discuss your roofing needs and to schedule a free on-site consultation.